Training (Learn to Fish)

Creative Thinking enables more effective thinking. We teach validated frameworks, tool sets and skillsets to upshift & upskill.

Senninger, 2000

Senninger, 2000


Designed to sit squarely in the learning zone, our training programs include application of new skills to real goals. Available in ½ day, full/multi day sessions


Sample Programs

  • Collaboration & Innovation Mindset
  • Facilitation Tools & Techniques
  • Breakthrough Thinking
  • Fighting for Failure: Imagining & Managing Risk
  • Torrance’s 18 Creative Thinking Skills
  • Creative Thinking for...
    • Insights and Inspiration
    • Strategy
    • Empathy and Communication
    • Climate and Culture

The Full Gallop Learning Zone is... "A condition in which we are completely engrossed in a game or task, lose our sense of time and place, and utilize our learning potential to the fullest."

– Robert Rasmussen


Facilitation (Catch the Fish)

Facilitated problem solving.
We manage process. You focus on content. Desired results ensured.   
Achieve your goals quickly and creatively.  

The best moments usually occur when a person’s mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.
— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Sample Sessions

  • Strategic Visioning
  • Opportunity Finding 
  • Challenge Framing
  • Business Model Innovation 
  • Shared Vision & Purpose
  • Insight Expansion
  • Pain Points & Jobs to Be Done 
  • New Products/ Positionings/ Claims & Communications
  • Focused Ideation (Disruptive, Incremental, Sustaining)

Available in ½ day, full/multi day sessions



Keynotes, Lunch and Learns, Talks, Roundtables, Breakout Sessions, Panels (Moderation), Featured Guests (Interviewing)

Sample Topics

  • Creative Cultures
  • Creating Breakthrough Teams
  • From Problems to Possibilities
  • Spontaneity: Tapping the Intuitive
  • Play in the Pursuit of Objectives  
  • Innovation for the Rest of Us
  • Thinking Beyond the Familiar
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.
— Anonymous