Judy Bernstein

Insights & Innovation

An accomplished Innovation Trainer/ Facilitator and Insights pro with deep experience in CPG, medical devices, Rx, OTC and health & beauty. She has expertise in Creative Problem Solving, FourSight Thinking Systems, Human Centered Design, Group Creativity, LEGO Serious Play, and Synectics. Judy holds a Master of Science in Applied Creativity & Innovation, teaches Human Centered Design for the LUMA Institute, Creative Problem Solving to US Special Forces as adjunct faculty to the Joint Special Operations University and at the Creative Problem Solving Institute. She is the author of Growing the We: Collaboration & Character Education.


Frequent Collaborators


Ivy Eisenberg

Founder & CEO of Our IdeaWorks, an innovation consultancy that specializes in Lean Customer Research™ to uncover insights using ethnography, storytelling, field immersion interviews and other customer-listening strategies.

Steven White

Founder of Seven Studio LLC, which delivers brand and innovation strategies using Human Centered Design. Steven holds a Masters in Design & Innovation Methods from the ITT Institute of Design, Advanced Certification in the FourSight Thinking System and is a Certified Instructor with LUMA Institute.

Carol Bernstein

CBA Founder & Insights Pioneer. Carol’s keen sense for strategy first started earning the ear of senior leaders in such companies as Bayer, VISA and BD over 35 years ago.